73rd Anniversary Commemoration

Commemorating WWII’s Forgotten D-Day and Forgotten Campaign

The 6th Army Group in France, Germany, and Austria

Hosted by Outpost International, Society of the 3d Infantry Division

The 6th Army Group under General Jacob Devers fought from the beaches of Southern France, up the Rhone Valley, through the Vosges, cleared Alsace and the Colmar Pocket, broke through the West Wall, crossed the Rhine, overran southern Germany (including Nuernberg, Munich, and Berchtesgaden), and liberated significant portions of Austria (including Salzburg). The 6th Army Group included such illustrious commanders as LTG Alexander Patch, LTG Lucian Truscott, GEN Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, and MG Robert Frederick, and numerous 7th Army Medal of Honor recipients such as Audie L. Murphy, Charles P. Murray, Jr., Keith L. Ware, Robert Maxwell, Wilburn K. Ross, Stephen Gregg, Bernard Bell, and George Sakato.

When: 13-16 September 2017 (Wednesday to Saturday)

Where:  Hilton Springfield, 6550 Loisdale Road, Springfield, Virginia, Room rate $114 per night incl. breakfast, Event name: 6th Army Group Historical Seminar, Reservations PH # 703 971 8900

Cut-off date: 25 August 2017

Who: Veterans of the 6th Army Group, family, friends, and anyone interested in history.

What:  13 Sept:    1500 – 1900      Registration

14 Sept:     0830 – 1730     Historical Seminars

15 Sept:     0830 – 1730     Historical Seminars

16 Sept:     0800 – 1200      Ceremony in Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery, Wreath ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknowns, 3ID monument, Audie Murphy grave

1700 – 2000      Banquet

Why:  To honor 6th Army Group veterans of the campaigns in France, Germany, and Austria and to preserve history, educate the public, and pass on the torch of their proud legacy.

Point of Contact:  Monika Stoy, President, Outpost International, Society of the 3rd Infantry Division; email: timmoni15@yahoo.com, PH: 703 912 4218

Seminar Fee – $30.  Banquet – $40.  (both fees waived for WWII veterans)



71st Anniversary Commemoration

Operation Dragoon to the Battle of the Colmar Pocket – from St. Tropez to Colmar, the US 6th Army Group and 7th Army in France

15 August 1944 to 9 February 1945

Hosted by Outpost International, Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, the Army Historical Foundation, and the Embassy of France
To honor the veterans of the Operation Dragoon and the campaigns in Southern France, the Vosges, and in Alsace, to preserve history, educate the public, and pass on the torch of their proud legacy.
Who: Please join us in honoring the veterans of the 6th Army Group; 1st French Army; 7th Army; 6th Corps; 3rd, 36th, and 45th Infantry Divisions; 1st Allied Airborne Task Force – 517th PIRCT (including AT CO/442nd IN), 509th PIB, 4463rd PFAB, 550th AIB, 551st PIB, and the 2nd IPB (UK); and 1st SSF in Southern France; the supporting US Army Air Corps; US Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine; the OSS; and from the participant allied nations of France, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Canada; the 21st Corps, 28th ID, 75th ID, and 12th AD which joined the 3rd ID and 36th ID in the Battle of the Colmar Pocket, family members, friends, and anyone interested in WWII history.
When: 17-19 September 2015 (Thursday to Saturday)
Thursday, 17 Sept: 9 AM to 7 PM – Registration, Historical Seminars I, II
Friday, 18 Sept:
** Schedule change **

9 AM to 1:30 PM – Spirit of American show at George Mason University

** Schedule change **

2 PM to 6PM – Historical Seminar III

Saturday, 19 Sept: 8 to 12 AM – ceremony in Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery, Wreath layings Tomb of the Unknowns, 3ID monument, Audie Murphy graveside
6 to 9 PM – Banquet
Where: Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel
900 South Orme Street
Arlington, VA 22204
Room Reservations: Price – $95 per night, one day prior to event and one day after. Cutoff date is 24 August to receive the event rate. We have limited rooms available so make your reservations now.
Reservations: 1-800-325-3535 or call Jennifer Chan at 703 271 6635
email: jennifer.chan@sheratonpentagoncity.com
Reservation Group Name: Operation Dragoon
Point of Contact: Monika Stoy, President, Outpost International, Society of the 3rd Infantry Division
timmoni15@yahoo.com, PH: 703 912 4218
6531 Milva Lane, Springfield, VA. 22150 USA
Registration: Event registration – $35. Luncheon – $25. Banquet – $45. (Free for WWII veterans of the campaign in France)


70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Austria in May 1945: Seminar and Commemoration

The Liberation of Austria in May 1945 and the history of the Austria-United States of America post-war relationship

When: 28 May 2015

Where: Arlington National Cemetery and the Embassy of Austria in Washington, DC

Who: Hosted by Outpost International, Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, the Army Historical Foundation, and the Embassy of Austria


0900 to 1000: Memorial Ceremony at the Memorial Amphitheater, Arlington National Cemetery

1030 to 1100: Wreath laying, 3rd Infantry Division Monument and Audie Murphy’s grave

1230 to 1330: Reception, Embassy of Austria, 3524 International Court, NW, Washington, D.C.

1330 to 1530: Historical Seminar, Embassy of Austria

Why: To honor the veterans of the 6th Army Group’s 3rd Infantry Division and its attached 106th Cavalry Group which liberated Salzburg and surroundings in early May 1945; to commemorate the liberation of Austria in the final days of WWII in Europe; and to educate those interested in the history of post-war Austria and its relationship with the United States of America since 1945.

Point of Contact:

Monika Stoy, President, Outpost International, Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, timmoni15@yahoo.com, PH: 703 912 4218

6531 Milva Lane, Springfield, VA. 22150

Avignon, something of a disappointment

25 August was a great disappointment for us. We attended the “liberation” ceremony in the great and historic city of Avignon. There was no American flag, and it was not planned to play the US national anthem but we were able to convince the protocol officer to include it in the ceremony. There were no speeches honoring the liberators, just the placing of six wreaths at the city’s war memorial by numerous dignitaries.'A Nos Morts' Monument in Avignon

For several years we have asked the city to honor our WWII Marne Men with a plaque. The city has a plaque from the 1st French Army in the town hall which claims the 1st French Army liberated the city. Other sources claim the FFI liberated the city. Historically, the German 19th Army evacuated the city, and the FFI did take over the town hall the evening the Germans left, but the first allied unit to arrive in Avignon was from the 7th Infantry Regiment.

Flags at AvignonWe were also surprised to see that at the war memorial there was no French flag displayed. There were, however, numerous flags from patriotic organizations present. From all appearances, Avignon was indifferent to the significance of the day. Even some local veterans and local citizens were disappointed with the ceremony. It is a shame the city missed the chance to commemorate appropriately such a significant anniversary.

Local coverage in Vauvenargues and St Marc Jaumegarde

Apryl Zarfos Anderson is an artist who moved to Provence in 2000 and she captured the commemorative events in Vauvenargues and St Marc Jaumegarde in her blog entry on Operation Dragoon +70.

Our community took a moment to recognize the enormous price paid for liberty, equality and brotherhood in honor of those who liberated southern France 70 years ago today.

Operation Dragoon launched on the beaches of Provence on 15 August, 1944, and battled its way north, arriving in Vauvenargues and St Marc Jaumegarde on the 20th.

The reenactment group “44 Memories” added considerable nostalgic color to the event. It’s encouraging to realize that Europeans of this generation will go to this extent to recognize what our grand- and great-grandparents gave to ensure our freedoms. read more….

For more information, visit Le blog

Apryl Zarfos Anderson est une artiste américaine vivant actuellement en Provence. Comme les tournesols locales, elle se nourrit de la lumière intense et un sol riche. Avec avec une abondance d’eau, de vin, et de saveurs fraîches et saines du champ, Apryl envoie ses plonge ses racines profondément dans son monde. De la Pennsylvanie à l’Ohio, jusqu’en Californie, suivi de Séoul, Munich, dans le sud et le nord de l’Angleterre, Dresde et Aix-en-Provence, elle profite de chaque moment pour découvrir les cultures et le paysage, résultant à un mélange de multiples facettes d’expression à travers ses peintures, le tricot, la cuisine, l’écriture, l’aide ménagère, et le jardin.

Le style d’Apryl est devenu un jeu de cache-cache joyeux avec l’éternité. Estimant que toute personne reflète une image ravissante de notre Créateur, chacun de nous peut trouver quelque chose à célébrer. Comme le tournesol, Apryl inspire ses spectateurs à découvrir la vie dans toute son étendue, et ses œuvres sont un carnet de voyage, décrivant son parcous en suivant le soleil.

Veterans tour Operation Dragoon with Outpost International

Report from Tim Stoy on the commemorations in France:

OP International had a great day today!  This morning we dedicated a commemorative plaque honoring Audie Murphy at the location of his Distinguished Service Cross action at Les Bouis in Ramatuelle. The ceremony was hosted by Mayor Roland Bruno of Ramatuelle, and the plaque was sponsored by Mr. Patrice de Colmont, proprietor of the Les Bouis estate and owner of Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach – the beach where the 15th Infantry landed at 0800 on 15 August 1944.Mayor Bruno, Mr. de Colmont, and Monika Stoy all delivered comments in honor of the occasion.

Mr. Mike Halik, 15th Infantry Regiment veteran who was wounded on 15 August 1944 was there for the ceremony, along with his daughter Debbie and son Keith.  This trip is his first time back to Southern France since August 1944!

Also present was Mr. Robert Jackson, 94, a veteran of Operation Dragoon who landed at Ste Maxime with the 45th Infantry Division, along with his daughter Wendy and son in law .

The Mayor of Salzburg, Austria, Dr. Heinz Schaden, accompanied by Mrs Schaden, traveled over 1000 km to be present for the ceremony! The Marne Division started its European campaign on the coast of France, and ended it in May 1945 in Salzburg!  Audie Murphy received his Medal of Honor in a ceremony held in Salzburg on 2 June 1945.

3 soldiers from the 18th Military Police Brigade in Grafenwoehr traveled to Provence to support the ceremony and provided a color guard of US colors and the Army flag – SSG Mathis, SPC Schmidt, and PFC McKinney. They did an outstanding job with the colors on a very windy day.

Mr. Marc Tastenoy and Mr. Julian Auvertin were dressed in accurate period uniforms and represented the soldiers of yesterday well, and Julian carried the Outpost flag in the ceremony.

It was a wonderful ceremony, with local French veterans present as well as representatives from patriotic organizations.

The Yellow Ribbon fife and drum corps provided excellent musical support.

La Croix Valmer 3ID monument

La Croix Valmer 3ID monument

After the ceremony Tim Stoy led the group over the terrain of Audie Murphy’s DSC fight. The terrain is much more challenging than depicted in To Hell and Back!  This particular battlefield is now an organic farm where Mr. de Colmont produces excellent vegetables and delicious grapes.

Before heading to Club 55 for a delicious lunch hosted by Mr. de Colmont, the group drove to La Croix-Valmer to visit the 3rd Infantry Division’s beach head monument there.  This was especially meaningful to Mike Halik who had never seen it before, and to the three active duty soldiers, who were deeply impressed at the historical significance of all that was happening today.

Lunch at Club 55

Lunch at Club 55

We were served a wonderful meal at Club 55, the most famous club in the Mediterranean area and possibly the world.  Words cannot describe the quantities and wonderful flavors of the food served, and Patrice was a wonderful host.  We presented him certificates of appreciation from OP International and the 15th Infantry Regiment Association, a Can Do blazer badge, a Can Do coffee mug, and numerous other 15th Infantry and 3rd ID items. Patrice presented us with nice Club 55 gifts, but most importantly with wonderful memories and a pilgrimage site to return to with the Audie Murphy plaque!

The day was capped off by a visit to the beach where our men landed on 15 August 1944. Walking from Club 55 straight on to the beach, Mike Halik trod once again the fateful sand where he stepped on a land mine on August 1944.  This time there were no mines, just curious onlookers as they watched him doggedly walk through the sand to the waters edge. There were tears in many eyes as we watched him and saw the fierce determination in his eyes.

What a great Marne and Can Do day!